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Angela: "When I brought Coco to Forest View Farms, he was nervous, spooky, and had literally forgotten the basics of his training.  When I went away to college, he wasn't ridden or handled very often.  After two months of regular training with Kerri, I can ride him confidently...even on a windy day.   He wants to listen to me, and is that enjoyable horse again, I loved to ride."

Tracey: "Last summer I adopted my horse, Cooper, through a local horse
rescue program.  Even though I "test rode" him twice before adopting him
and he seemed safe, I quickly realized when I brought him home that
Cooper had a lot of trust issues that made trying to ride him unsafe.
After being put through the 90 day training program offered at Forest
View Farms, Cooper has made tremendous improvement and I now feel
comfortable and safe on my horse.  I appreciate the fact that FVF
took into consideration that Cooper came from an abused background
and they worked not only to train him, but to rebuild his trust in
people, too.  Additionally, I love the fact that the barn welcomes both
english and western riding disciplines.  I have enjoyed my experience at
the farm so much over the past five months while my horse was in
training, that I am keeping him there for an additional few months until
the weather gets warmer to ride in their spectacular indoor arena."

 "It was sooo nice out yesterday I decided to leave work a half day and take Cowboy out to Kinder farms state park for a trail ride....this was my first ride on Cowboy out on a trail! He was very good and I felt comfortable with him :) I felt so confident with him cause of my lessons so Thank you!!!"

Mary: "Thank you to Kerri and Forrest View Farms. You truly
lived up to your motto of "teaching horses to be safe and respectful
partners by learning confidence, responsiveness, willingness and trust."
As a 62 year old novice rider my family and friends questioned my
decision to buy a horse, (particularly a relatively young horse) and
begin riding. I wanted to be able to spend time with my niece and this
was a way we could enjoy something together. My horse Ty was pretty
green and I had little horse knowledge or skills when he arrived at your
farm. With your patience and knowledge Ty and I both began to grow in
skills and knowledge and have developed a wonderful relationship.  I am
now confident in my ability to handle Ty and am looking forward to
many happy years of trail rides before retiring to wheel chair rides, or
the ultimate ride in the sky."

Kerrie & Katie
"Forest View Farms  is a great place to ride.  The facility is well staffed with excellent instructors as well as lovable horses.  My daughter, Katie has been instructed  Kerri Broch for almost 4 yrs. It is an important relationship in her life. It has improved her core strength, ability to think on the fly, and empowered her with a new sense of self confidence.  She has also had the opportunity to learn farm life and animal health needs.  It is, over all, a wonderful life experience."